Some Where Else Limited Edition Book/Record

Some Where Else Limited Edition Book/Record

Limited Edition Book and Record

Photographs by Sam Jones, Music by Blake Mills

Some Where Else is a unique collaboration between Sam Jones and musician Blake Mills. The project creates a soundtrack to a series of pictures that are inspired by the modern day American South, exploring themes surrounding the region while blending visual and musical storytelling.

Each set includes a 152 page book with 80 plates and a 180 gram vinyl record of original music by Blake Mills. Includes an in-depth description of the project and first person interviews with Sam Jones and Blake Mills.

This set also includes a Digital Download of the Album

 Alan Light of The New York Times on Blake Mills:

'Eric Clapton recently called him “the last guitarist I heard that I thought was phenomenal.” The producer Don Was says he is “one of those rare musicians who come along once in a generation.” He has played with the likes of Beck, Lana Del Rey and Neil Diamond. Blake Mills isn’t a household name, but he has quickly earned a dazzling reputation among his fellow musicians. At 27, he is creating a style all his own, a sound that has little in common with the high-speed, acrobatic flash usually associated with guitar heroes.'

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