About the Store

Hi Folks,

I hope you are enjoying the Sam Jones pictures store. I am excited to be able to offer some of the work I am most proud of directly to people through this website. When I created the store, it was because I wanted to bring a fun gallery experience straight to people who like my work, but may not know how to go about purchasing it.  I also wanted to be able to highlight some of my other projects that people may not know I do. One such item is “Some Where Else,” a book and record project that I collaborated with musician Blake Mills on. Blake created a soundtrack to my pictures of the American South, adding a whole new dimension to the pictures. We made a very limited edition book that comes with a 180 gram custom white vinyl record, and I just loved every part of the process.  The book will be coming out soon, so check back for pre-order information. We also created some cool postcard sets, which are available now. There are also some signed items on there that I hope you think are worth checking out.

Every item we sell comes straight from my studio in Los Angeles. In the case of photographic prints, you can rest assured that you will get a beautiful, archival print signed and numbered by me, the same as if you ordered it from my gallery. And we ship quickly! 

So take a moment to browse the store…and if you have any special requests, or want something that isn’t in the store, don’t hesitate to send us an email to info@samjonespictures.com  

I would love to hear from you.

Sam Jones